United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Albania, UNHCR: Terms of Reference for ICT Engineer/Project Controller

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Post Title:                                              ICT Project Controller

Duration of Assignment:                    22 October 2018 to 31 December 2018, 12 days a month

Project Name:                                      Albanian Asylum Database Development

Type of Contract:                                 Individual Contract

Educational Background:                   University Degree in Computer Sciences or equivalent

Work Experience:                               At least 10 years of experience in developing and managing Web Applications.

Tentative starting date:                       22 October 2018

I – Background 

The Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees in Albania provides its expertise and advice to the Government of Albania in all aspects related to the asylum system, in accordance with international law and standards, and to the dispositions of Albanian legislation, notably the Law on Asylum. This is done with the aim of having in place a sound asylum system and an environment in which refugees and asylum seekers can exercise their rights and fulfill their obligations as defined in the said legal bodies.

UNHCR will support Border and Migration Police and the Directorate of Asylum and Citizenship (DAC) in creating a database for managing the cases of all persons under the purview of the said Directorate. The project will consist in developing a Web Java Application that communicates with different State databases and Web Services.

Tendering has been launched and the awarded company will start developing and implementation the project on 20th October 2018.

In view of the above, UNHCR Albania is seeking the temporary services of an experienced national Project Controller to oversee the ongoing phases of the project on behalf of UNHCR.

II – Duties and Responsibilities

The main objective of the contractor will be to act as UNHCR focal point in ensuring that the project is carried out on time, within budget and following agreed BoQs. Under the overall supervision of the UNHCR Representative and the direct supervision of the UNHCR Associate Programme Officer, the main, but not exhaustive, duties and responsibilities of the incumbent will be the following:

  1. Coordination with UNHCR
  1. Attend biweekly meetings (or more if necessary) in UNHCR offices;
  2. Inform UNHCR without delays of any difficulties in programme delivery, particularly on all issues that may increase costs or create delays in delivery;
  3. Act as the main focal point for UNHCR with all parties involved; as such be well informed about UNHCR requirements, rules and procedures;
  4. Inform UNHCR at once of any attempt by any side involved in the project to act in contravention to UNHCR rules and procedures;
  5. Provide technical guidance to UNHCR and suggest possible solutions in case of problems; and
  6. Provide UNHCR with weekly progress reports, highlighting potential and actual problems and suggesting solutions.
  1. Service implementation and supervision
  1. Undertake twice-weekly inspections of the work in progress to determine if the services to be provided are proceeding in accordance with the development contract schedule, and that completed work conforms to the contract specifications;
  2. At the beginning of the development, agree on a clear work plan with the contractor software company with specific deadlines for each phase of the project (Note, the contract will specify penalty clauses for any delays in delivery from the contracted software company);
  3. Inform the contractor when its work is to be corrected or rejected, or special testing, inspection or approval;
  4. Identify potential risks in delivery – in particular risks of delays/late completion and exceeding budget – and inform UNHCR immediately;
  5. Consider and evaluate requests for changes as proposed by the contractor(s) for modifications in design or specifications
  6. Advise UNHCR on all matters concerning claims from the contractor and make recommendations thereon;
  7. Render written decisions within a reasonable time, on all claims, disputes and other matters in question relating to the execution or progress of work or the interpretation of the project contract documents;
  8. Report requests of the contractor to UNHCR and provide recommendations to UNHCR for approval when changes affect cost. Such changes shall be effected by written Work Orders issued by the Project Controller after obtaining UNHCR approval to such changes.
  9. For changes which do not affect cost or quality, approval may be granted on-site and recorded in the weekly progress reports.
  10. Liaise between the contractor and the beneficiary which is the Ministry of Interior, Directorate for Asylum in order to make sure that requirements are up to the institutional standards;

3 – Hand over

  1. Inspect the works in the presence of representatives of Contractor and beneficiary, MoI, prior to the handing over of any section of works;
  2. Prepare a final list of items to be completed, or replaced together with a time schedule for the remedying of the same in cooperation with beneficiary, MoI;
  3. Supervise the hand over process and make sure that final signature by Contractor and Beneficiary, MoI, Directorate for Asylum and Citizenship is obtained.

4 – Records

  1. Maintain orderly files for correspondence, reports of meetings, product and submissions, reproductions of original project contract documents including all addenda, variation orders, instructions, information and other documents issued subsequent to the start of contract;
  2. Keep a log book, recording data relative to questions of extras or deductions, decisions, observations in general;
  3. All specifications, reports, other documents and software prepared by the Project Controller shall become and remain property of UNHCR and the Project Controller shall deliver all such documents to UNHCR with a detailed inventory thereof.

5 – Reporting

The Project Controller shall prepare and submit weekly reports including the following:

  1. An updated assessment of progress and account of relevant developments;
  2. A summary of problems encountered and foreseen and solutions taken or to be taken;
  3. A brief presentation of actual versus planned progress; and
  4. Description of eventual additional work accepted with detailing dates of notification and subsequent actions and the time and cost effects as assessed;
  5. A Final Report – Summarizing and highlighting all major points of interest that arose during the implementation, the chronology of actions, problems encountered and solutions employed, changes made in contract and the reasons thereof, a breakdown of the final costs item by item, etc. 

III – Deliverables

The Project Controller will provide the following deliverables in the format agreed to by the UNHCR Office:

  1. Work plan with clear deliverables and deadlines to be agreed with the contractor, Beneficiary (MoI) and UNHCR;
  2. Weekly monitoring reports on progress highlighting issues that require attention and action and a Final Report summarizing the above; and
  3. Certification Reports for each completed project in preparation for handover to Ministry of Interior, Directorate for Asylum and Citizenship.

IV – Key Competency Skills Required

  • Good knowledge and handling of project and program management methodology and techniques;
  • Good understanding of the wider objectives of the project;
  • Ability to work positively with the wide range of individuals involved in project management;
  • Strong leadership and management skills;
  • Good knowledge of budgeting and resource allocation procedures;
  • Ability to find innovative ways to resolve problems; and
  • Responding constructively to feedback.

V – Qualifications

  • University Degree in Computer Sciences or related discipline. Master’s degree or similar post-graduate studies is an asset.
  • Security Certificate issued by DSIK
  • At least 10 years of experience in Software Developing and Management
  • Fully familiar with preparation and controlling of bidding documents and contract administration.
  • Practical experience of working with local administrations or elected authorities for planning and management projects;
  • Fluency in both written and spoken English and ability to communicate well is essential.
  • Previous experience/familiarity with UNHCR and/or other UN agencies is an asset.

VI – Duration and Remuneration

The duration of this assignment will be from 22 October, 2018 to 31 December, 2018. The remuneration will be based on an estimated number of 12 days a month necessary to ensure the delivery of reports and monitoring of infrastructure implementation on a regular basis.

In accordance with UN rates for similar services, professional fees, will be paid upon satisfactory completion of the various defined tasks and acceptance of deliverables stated above by UNHCR Albania Office.

As a payment pre-condition, monthly payment requests and invoices will be accompanied by a detailed report outlining the work completed during the payment period.

Interested candidates should read the Terms of Reference carefully and apply if suitably qualified. Candidates are required to submit signed Motivation Letter and UNHCR P11 form electronically by e-mail to: [email protected] or in a sealed envelope addressed to: UNHCR Albania, Skenderbej Str., Gurten Building, 2nd floor, Tirana, Albania referring to the Terms of Reference UNHCR: ICT Project Controller. UNHCR P11 form and Supplement form are available: (open Hyperlink). Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted; 

Deadline for submitting applications is October 17th, 2018, 17:30 CET.  Late or incomplete applications received without the above specified documents will not be considered; 


UNHCR -”Skenderbej” Street, Gurten Center, 2nd Floor, Tirana, Albania

Tel: +355 4 2250204 Fax: +355 4 2250286 Email: [email protected]



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