Paska një alamet tapicerie

Kjo makinë prej druri, e cila furnizohet me energji, është ndërtuar nga një marangoz i thjeshtë në Kinë.

Makina madje ka edhe radar dhe raketa.

Liu Fulong thotë se i ka kushtuar rreth 3 mijë euro për të bërë këtë gjë.

Makina e tij peshon rreth 350 kilogramë dhe kap gati 45 kilometra në orë.


The armoured electric wooden vehicle which has been created by Chinese carpenter Liu Fulong, taking him four months to build The car cost him around £2,100 to build and comes complete with radar and missiles on the side and on top of the roof Mr Liu designed and created the car despite having no formal car design training and dropping out of education after primary school The car has all the features you would expect including lights, mirrors, indicators, spare tyres and even has a number plate on the front bumperThe carpenter installs the steering wheel in his new car. The vehicle is the second electric wooden vehicle that Mr Liu has created The car is around eight feet long and four feet wide and weighs over 350 kilograms. It can also reach speeds of up to 30 miles per hour The carpenter makes his vehicle roadworthy by painting on his own number plate with red paint before heading out on the open road Earlier this year the 48-year-old made his first wooden electric car, which took him three months to build and reaches speeds of up to 20 miles per hour


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