Albanian – American Development Foundation has launched the Call for Applications the Master & Internship Program

Postuar më: 20 March 2017 16:05

Albanian American Development Foundation (AADF) has established the prestigious Masters & Internships Program (MIP) to provide to Albanian young professionals, future leaders and managers a unique opportunity for professional internships and master degrees in the fields of Education Studies, Education Leadership and Management, ICT and Innovation, Project Management, Entrepreneurship, Business and Management Studies, Cultural Tourism and Eco-Tourism. Furthering the mission of AADF – to facilitate the development of a sustainable economy and a democratic society in Albania – these Scholarships and Internships are designed for young and mid-career professionals who are committed to meet the challenges of the future, contributing to development of these fields upon their return.

Albanian-American Development Foundation (AADF) has now opened the applications for Master’s and Internship Program (MIP), providing an opportunity to young professionals in Albania to pursue a Master Degree or a Professional Internship, ​in one of the following fields:

Entrepreneurship, Management, ICT and Innovation, Culture & Eco-Tourism, Development, Educational Leadership and Management.

Find out more about MIP priorities, eligibility criteria and application process by visiting our website:

Deadline for application is 30 April 2017 



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